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Tamara Parfums is an artistic perfumery, made only with natural raw materials. It is born from my passion to aesthetics of olfactory forms, artistic creation and refined style. 

The heart of my concept is to compose authentic and unique creations which express distinctive emotions. The production process is mainly hand-made. 
I use only natural, rare and high quality raw material, always with a special consideration to the environment and the biodiversity of their place of origin. None is tested on animals and except of beeswax, I don’t use any raw material from animal origin. In the same vibe, the package is ecological, simple and recyclable.
All products are guarantee parabens, preservatives, fixators and phthalates free. 
Perfumes are my passion since my childhood. I started my education in perfume formulation after a PhD in Science. Nature's sophisticated beauty always amazes me and because of a personal experience, it was evident for me to focus on natural perfumes creation. During five years my main practice was to develop my personal techniques and a craftsmanship. 
Five years later, Tamara Parfums was created.

My story...

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